Franking mail

Franking solutions

Ideal for individual letters and mailshots

  • For A Mail, B Mail, A Mail Plus, Registered (R), etc.
  • Create, print and pay for stamps online
  • Have them printed and delivered by Swiss Post (optional)
  • Also for individual letters and mailshots, incl. printing and shipping service
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Franking machine
Ideal from 10 letters per day

Eyecatcher title Introductory offer
  • For daily mail and bulk mailings
  • Print postage directly on to the letter or label
  • Prices and products are always up to date
  • Detailed monthly invoice
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Swiss Post franking
Ideal from 50 letters per day

  • We frank your consignments - letters and parcels
  • With collection
  • Cost transparency thanks to monthly invoices down to cost center level
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PP franking
Ideal from 50 letters per mailing

  • The “PP” remark replaces the stamp
  • Create PP impression yourself
  • Payment at Swiss Post branches or by monthly invoice (business customers)
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Which type of franking suits your company?
Customised franking solution

Franking letters is a process which should be as efficient as possible. To this end, Swiss Post provides business customers with innovative franking solutions. Important criteria in choosing the appropriate solution for franking domestic letters include the mailing volume and the organization of the internal procedures.

Letter mail easy
Posting made easier

Letter mail easy simplifies the mailing of letters with barcodes, such as Registered Switzerland, A Mail Plus, court documents and Dispomail. Such letters are handed over without a dispatch list. You affix the barcode with PP impression on the letter mail, create a barcode list or delivery note - and the consignment is ready for dispatch.

Consignments with barcode
Support for the preparation of consignments with barcodes

Everything you need to know about sending mail with barcodes. What are barcodes? What are the benefits? How can I order barcodes?

Step by step