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Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, no guided tours will be held in our letter and parcel centers until further notice.

A visit to a Swiss Post letter or parcel center is an impressive experience. Gain an insight into the fascinating world of letter processing. Register now for a guided tour in the letter or parcel center of your choice. They’re certainly worth a visit. 

Visit a letter center
State-of-the-art letter processing

Learn what it takes to transport several million letters from A to B on time every day. In a tour lasting approximately two hours through one of our letter centers in Eclépens, Härkingen or Zurich-Mülligen, you will gain a deep insight into the fascinating world of letter processing.

Visit a parcel center
Delve into the fascinating world of logistics

We offer guided tours of the parcel centers in Frauenfeld (Canton of Thurgau), Daillens (Canton of Vaud) and Härkingen (Canton of Solothurn). During a two-hour tour, you will receive fascinating insights into all aspects of parcel processing. Our centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and sort half a million parcels on average every day. In the run-up to Christmas, it’s actually over a million a day.