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InnoPodcast: Make Corporate Work Fun Again

Motivated employees are crucial for the success of a company. Pim de Morree, Co-Founder of Corporate Rebels, explains to InnoPodcast listeners why companies should grant their employees more freedom and right of involvement.

Janina Gassner

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After completing his Master’s degree in Innovation Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Pim de Morree took up his first position at a company. He took the opportunity to put into practice everything that he had learned during his studies: optimising processes, while keeping to office working hours. Yet there was no room for creativity, further development or introducing his own ideas. And he was frustrated by this. Joost, one of his colleagues, felt the same way. So, in 2016, the pair handed in their notice and set off to travel the world, visiting companies that were eschewing rigid structures and processes, in favour of focusing on resourceful employees.

They reported on their experiences in a blog called “Corporate Rebels”. They have since set up a company under the same name to help corporations structure their organizational processes in a progressive way and to focus on their employees. Among the “Bucket List” of the Corporate Rebels we discuss the following companies:

Ricardo Semmler & Semco

Haufe Umantis


Belgian Ministry for Social Security

The Infinit Game from Simon Sinek

Why motivated employees are crucial for the success of a company and “scrum” is not the right work method for everybody, is explained by Pim de Morree, co-founder of Corporate Rebels, in the latest episode of the InnoPodcast.

This episode of InnoPodcast is solely in English.


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